Raakhi Rupani

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Without Communications Coordinator Raakhi Rupani, you wouldn’t be reading this monthly newsletter right now. The face of Veesham Printing Press, Raakhi runs things alongside husband Dheeraj, also a long-term member of BNI. “Even before I joined BNI I knew a lot about it,” she says.

In her nine years of active BNI membership at different chapters, Raakhi has done many roles. “Given that the new term is coming up, I was evaluating how many roles I’ve taken,” she adds.“I’ve been with BNI Falcon for the last 5 years, I have taken on roles as Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, Mentor-Coordinator, Membership Committee, and Lead Visitor Host.”

In fact, Raakhi has taken on every role in the chapter other than the role of President and has experienced different learnings along the way.
“Every role has a different learning and skillset you have to always have the right mindset for it to be ready for that role.”

Donning Many Hats

When questioned on which role taught her the most, Raakhi is quick to quip, “Vice President! Although many people can feel daunted by the amount of work. Learn the task of delegating and follow up, give them the responsibilities and then follow up.”

Taking on a new role can be extremely beneficial, and she can attest to that fact. “We hear this a lot in BNI, Visibility+Credibility=Profitability,” Raakhi adds. “This is one golden chance for you to be visible out there, regardless of whether you’re a new member or you’ve been a member for a longer period.”

Raakhi is BNI UAE’s first Communications Coordinator on a nationwide level, and it’s exciting to hear about how her role has evolved over the years and what it entails. “Digital is the new now,” she asserts. “So, if you think about it, we’re looking at a lot of visibility across all platforms, we’re looking at a lot of recognition for members and chapters. I see myself doing many one-to-ones with members, with different chapter heads and seeing how they’re upping the game.”

During the new leadership transition, Raakhi will take on the role of BNI Falcons Vice President, along with being the Communications Coordinator and an active member. So, how does she deliver on all three fronts? “It all boils down to your situation and what hat you’re wearing,” Raakhi responds. “We have to also let others take the lead.”

Raakhi is clear when it comes to the responsibilities of a BNI member “I would say Givers Gain is at the core. Engage with your members, do one-to-ones, build your relationships and keep giving because you never know when you’ll receive.”

A Journey to Cherish

Over the last 9 years, Raakhi has had an incredible journey with BNI. If you’ve ever been interviewed by Raakhi, you’ll see how comfortable she is in the spotlight. However, that wasn’t always the case. “ I’m not a public speaker,” she laughs. “I get very uncomfortable when I have to speak in public, it feels daunting for me to be in the spotlight. From the first meeting with sweaty hands, I’ve learned so much.”

“Recently, someone told me, “You made me so comfortable during the interview, you should nominate yourself for BBC.”


Another standout moment was when her dad attended her Feature Presentation in BNI Falcon. “I remember so clearly, the first time I was presenting – during the contributions round he said how proud he was of me and how amazing my presentation was.”

With her husband Dheeraj, a fellow member for the last 14 years, BNI has been embedded in Raakhi’s DNA. “If I pick up my phone and go through all my contacts, 95% are from BNI. It truly becomes a part of your daily life.” she signs off.

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