Amit Khosla – One Man, Many Hats

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From the BNI Continental Chapter, Amit Khosla joins us for an insight into his experience of four years at BNI and the multiple roles he’s taken up during his tenure.

“BNI is a platform where you can start your journey anytime from any chapter. I am representing my company SMC Comex. I had many roles in the BNI, as a Chapter Ambassador of BNI Synergy and Givers, to name a few. I’m also launching a new chapter, BNI Accelerate, on the 3rd of June 2022.

When asked about what got him started in BNI, he gave us a bird’s eye view by saying, “I landed in Dubai in February 2017. I joined SMC Comex International under the mentorship and guidance of Mr. Pankaj Gupta. He had asked me to join BNI, but I refused as I thought it was held in the morning sessions, and I was into the stock market, so the timing was not feasible. However, he insisted that I visit once and get to know what the concept is. Once I had done the meeting, I understood what kind of business this is and the type of people that come here.

BNI Continental had 19 members. We are 36 members; many of them are old numbers, and the bonding, relationship, the referrals being passed, and the business we are doing is awesome! It is important to understand the others’ business; as you are a sales coach of your chapter, you have to represent your business and tell the other 34 members how to sell. So no need to get a sales team.”

New Roles. New Possibilities

“I’m currently in the BNI Continental chapter, MC Committee as Quality Assurance chair. I’m in BNI Synergy as an Ambassador, the largest UAE chapter with 79 members. There are four kinds of roles that I am currently doing. First, launching a chapter is an inspiration because I interact with other chapter people who might want to join the other chapters. So I discussed with Mr. Pankaj, and we talked about some strategies.

I always say that to the people who want to join the BNI, this is visibility. I am visiting the chapters, interacting with other chapter members, and maintaining the relationship; I am educating the people outside BNI on how you can go to the new chapter and get the business. If there is a task, I have to do it anyhow. My policy is always to educate to give business and not aim only to get business. If all are givers, definitely all are getting the business.”

Message to New Joiners

Amit concludes with a piece of strong advice to those looking to join BNI UAE by quoting, “Bonding and the relationship are very important in the UAE because this is a small place where you have to grow together. When you are together, you can do anything.”

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