The AED 4 Million Coffee Meet

by Admin

Amidst the dynamic world of business networking, the BNI Warriors Power Team stands out for its exceptional ability to foster meaningful connections and catalyze substantial business deals. A striking illustration of this prowess is how Ankur Taneja of Kitchenscape brought to an old client of his – an esteemed Investment Group with footprints in London and the UAE to meet the BNI Warriors Power Team over a coffee. 

Ankur, known for his exceptional kitchen designs, had already earned the Investment Group’s trust through successful past projects. This solid foundation paved the way for a promising meeting with the BNI Warriors Power Team, highlighting the power of established relationships in business. 

The Investment Group needed various suppliers to turn their vision into reality for a new development project they were launching, and they had their eyes set on the best. Among their needs was a critical component: MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Solutions. This is where BNI Warrior’s very own Ankita Soni representing her company Mars Electromechanical Contracting L.L.C stepped into the picture, bringing her expertise and the reputation of her company to the table. 
Ankita wasn’t just there to pitch; she was there to listen, understand, and tailor her solutions to meet the client’s specific needs. The discussions weren’t brief. Over the next 3-4 months, Ankita and the client went back and forth. There were countless emails, meetings, and phone calls. Each interaction was a step towards fine-tuning the solution, ensuring that it was just the right fit for what the client envisioned. 
Persistence and dedication were the names of the game, and Ankita played it well. Her ability to respond to feedback, adapt her proposals, and maintain a client-focused approach was a testament to her professionalism and commitment. 
The hard work paid off. The deal was sealed, resulting in a whopping 4 million AED business win for Ankita. But more than the numbers, this inspirational story reflects the power of human connection, understanding, and resilience in the world of business. It’s a narrative about how the BNI Warriors Power Team, with members like Ankur and Ankita, aren’t just about networking – they’re about building lasting relationships and delivering results, one cup of coffee at a time. 

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