From Zero Contacts to Center Stage: The powerful networking paves that melodious way.

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As a musician and singer, Saurabh Shetye moved to the bustling city of Dubai, where he faced difficulties kick-starting his career in the vibrant music scene. Driven by his passion, he explored unconventional avenues and found himself drawn to BNI. Despite the usual summer slowdown in business, he joined during this period. With enthusiasm and effort, he started building his contacts, and gradually connecting with fellow BNI members, which became his gateway to the Dubai music scene.

Fast forward to today, Saurabh not only collaborates with Insomniacs members but also shines as a performer on the 89.1 radio show with RJ Abhijit. He spends around 2-3 hours singing on this prestigious platform. His success extends beyond personal achievements. Chapter members Rajesh and Mitun, leaders of their own music bands, regularly refer clients and pass on substantial business to Saurabh. This is a testament to the power of networking, which expands opportunities by connecting individuals with potential clients, partners, investors, and mentors.

As Dubai’s second season kicks off, Saurabh Shetye stands as a testament to the transformative power of networking through BNI, turning initial uncertainties into a harmonious symphony of success.

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