Success favors the swift: Seizing opportunities with swift response and proactive networking!

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Ekta Keswani has been dedicated to powerful networking, making waves within the BNI community, and showcasing her remarkable ability to seize opportunities and take prompt action since September 2023. Her commitment to the SPECTACULAR chapter is incredible. Opportunities in life rarely come; seize them without hesitation. This is the motto she follows, and which contributes to her success.

On a Saturday morning, during an interaction within the BNI women’s-only WhatsApp group, member Anul Mundhra posted a need for an exhibition stand. While many members began offering assistance or connections, Ekta’s response stood out. Rather than simply commenting within the group, she messaged Anul directly and coordinated it with huge dedication and passion. This swift response made Anul connect Ekta with a fellow BNI member at BNI Glory, Huzaifa. This cross-chapter referral widened her contacts, enabling her to secure a deal with leading clients in the gaming industry for the Comic-Con Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. A prompt one-hour discussion with the right person resulted in a swift deal being finalized on the spot, with Ekta securing the payment and scheduling the installation of the stand at the Comic-Con Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

What sets Ekta’s approach apart is her ability to take prompt and decisive action. While others were still engaging in private messages or discussions, Ekta’s swift response and proactive approach were instrumental in clinching the deal within a mere 1.5 hours of the need being posted. It marks her business excellence.

 As Ekta continues to showcase her proactive mindset and swift action-taking abilities, she serves as an inspiration to fellow BNI members and entrepreneurs alike.

In the dynamic landscape of networking, every encounter presents a chance to expand horizons, exchange insights, and pave the way for future collaborations. Timing is everything. The right action at the right time can change everything. Like Ekta does!

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