From Chapter Socials to Elite Affairs: The Evolution of Catering Excellence

by Admin

Three months ago, Vidisha Bathwal joined the BNI Rising Phoenix chapter. With unwavering determination and passion, she transitioned from a newcomer to a seasoned member, crediting BNI as the catalyst that propelled her beyond her comfort zone to achieve success in her culinary journey. Through powerful networking and maintaining connections within the BNI community, she explored the spectrum of culinary excellence.

Her story is a captivating tale, beginning with her employment in a bank after studying business, and culminating in her ownership of a thriving catering business. Amidst the array of cooking ingredients and delightful spices, she discovered that her true passion lies in the realm of food. It illustrates her profound love for her craft and the tremendous effort she invested to reach her current success.

For a person determined to succeed in her career, she sees opportunities and seizes them. Vidisha had the honor of catering for the chapter’s Diwali celebration, leaving an indelible mark with her culinary creations. The resounding praise from her peers not only affirmed her culinary prowess but also solidified her integration into the fabric of the BNI community.

Two months later, Vidisha secured an annual contract with a prestigious yacht company through a groundbreaking referral, demonstrating the power of networking. As she dedicated herself to BNI, she reaped the rewards of professional success abundantly.

Her story is a perfect example that success doesn’t just happen by luck – it comes from working hard, being passionate, and always striving to improve. Just like in business and cooking, when you mix dedication and passion, you can create a journey that’s truly satisfying and enjoyable.

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