Against All Odds: The Inspiring Journey of Triumph Over Adversity

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Since its inception in the UAE in 2005, BNI has grown tremendously and continues to do so. It is the premier leading organization providing a platform for business networking and referral marketing to flourish in the region. Given its emphasis on relationship building through the power of referrals, BNI has advocated for, and assisted entrepreneurs create strong meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

In today’s digital age, where changes are untimely and dynamic, networking becomes crucial for both personal and professional growth and development. Networking with the right crowd essentially puts you in contact with individuals that share similar goals, aspirations, and value sets creating a strong personal bond. These people then go on to become a pillar of support and inspiration and a learning gateway to gain insights and perspectives on all spheres of life.

Shabbier and Shirrine Khambata are prime examples of members that believe that their BNI journey has accounted for the success, not only in their professional lives but personal lives as well.

Members of BNI chapters Gazelles and Gladiators respectively, Shabbier and Shirrine are a vibrant couple that prove age is just a number. Shabbier, age 71, has been a part of BNI for the last 8 years, and Shirrine, age 64, has been with BNI for 5 years. The couple calls Dubai their home and currently reside with their mother (Rehmina) and sister (Zulekha).

Having been diagnosed with dementia, Rehmina garners her passion for crochet. Her love for the art drove her to support a local charity with her designs and showcase her artwork on a customized Instagram page with the handle Rehmilovestocrochet. Zulekha, born with Down Syndrome, has recently accomplished to articulate the phrase “I love you mum” for the first time. Although having suffered a paralytic stroke, dementia diagnosis, and loss of vision due to glaucoma, Zulekha keeps herself motivated with regular physiotherapy and alternate healing sessions.

‘Shikkmo International Advertising’ has been thriving in the corporate gifts industry since 2001, weathering two recessions and navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their enduring success reflects their commitment to quality, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to their clients. No matter the challenges faced, Shabbier, Shirrine, and their family have always endeavored. With their children living in Germany and Kenya, Shabbier and Shirrine divide the responsibility of managing their business in the region as well as their family. Shabbier and Shirrine have faced numerous challenges that have led them to be an inspiration for all of BNI UAE.

Currently, Shirrine is pursuing her passion for alternate therapy by assisting people to balance their lives with natural, organic, wellness supplements. The couple are very active BNI members and continue to make contributions to their respective chapters. Given their innate giving nature coupled with the hunger to learn and the drive to innovate, Shabbier and Shirrine continuously prove that age is not a hurdle in the path of success but an added skillset to further support their strengths, passions, and aspirations.

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