BNI Online’s 1st Year Anniversary

by Admin

The world has changed and BNI has become a beacon of hope in a sea of fear for many. BNI Online was born as a solution for a problem that needed urgent attention and we are proud that we were able to pivot from in-person to online meetings in a matter of days. This was all possible because of a shared belief, both with our leaders and you, our members, in one of our core values – Traditions & Innovation. It was critical that our members were able to continue building meaningful relationships to support each other and members realized that they need BNI now more than ever.

Here are some of the wins we’re celebrating:

  • BNI Online Launch in February 2020 to provide a global solution for safe, continued meetings
  • Entire organization pivoted in 1 week, all our chapters in the UAE didn’t miss a single meeting
  • Standard BNI Online PowerPoint
  • Outline for how to utilize Polls, QR Codes and Breakout Rooms to help with visitor conversion
  • Online Applications developed for BNI Online
  • BNI Online manual deployed & continuously enhanced
  • Custom branded Zoom: portal, virtual backgrounds, domains, landing pages, etc
  • launched
  • Custom integration of BNI and Zoom
  • Created a series of infographics to maximize BNI Online
  • Launched Live BNI Online trainings and recorded series as well
  • Created manuals for open networking and post meeting meetings using BNI Online
  • Updated chapter meeting attributes

Future plans for BNI Online in 2021:

  • Launching Permanent BNI Online Chapters
  • Developing more chapter level tools to enhance meeting experience
  • Better alignment with agenda and BNI Online
  • More trainings for Directors and Members
  • Improved production value and feel of meeting
  • Better integration between BNI Connect®, BNI, BNI Mobile and BNI Online meeting
  • Focused launch on BNI Online Only Chapters

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