BNI UAE Expo & Members Day 2022 Awards

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After months of planning, what came together was a fantastic culmination of members who displayed their businesses across the event in different ways and helped organize and bring together a one-of-a-kind and the most significant event ever held here for BNI in the UAE.

The members have grown across the region by 26%. With a significant rise from 631 to 796 in terms of member count and chapter count of 19 chapters to date, more chapters are ready to be launched in the pipeline.

We also saw a marvelous collaboration of BNI Radio which will be starting soon alongside the radio channel talk 100.3, through which we will reach a bigger audience of entrepreneurs and consumers.

In terms of the exposure that the event provided to its members and non-members, the turnout was terrific. Not only was the networking a big success, but the learning was incredible with all the speaker profiles we had across the board.

Here’s what some members had to say about the event:

“Absolutely incredible, amazing, and beyond speech. I am proud to call myself a part of BNI πŸ’πŸ˜ŠπŸ†πŸ’«πŸΎπŸ‘” – Vijay Savio Paul

“Amazing networking potential and detailed level of recognition!” – Anand Venkataraman

“It was one golden opportunity to meet my peers and fellow members from other BNI chapters; the speed networking was fun and intense, gained a lot of insight; the parking facility in the venue was sufficient.” – Ameen Akbar

“Everything! Right from the way it was so professionally organized to the speed of networking. The Exhibitors did an excellent job of engaging the audience. A lot of new connections were made. Overall it was a great event. Looking forward to more such events.” – Prasanna Naidu

“This event was completely different compared to the previous ones. There were a lot of different engaging activities arranged for everyone. ” – Nawroz Mamdani

We also acknowledge winners who were awarded at Member, Chapter, and Regional levels. Here is the list of the winners.

To view all the pictures of the event, please do visit our Facebook page and click this link

Member Success Stories

Facts tell but stories sell. Here are some members from chapters across the board who have shared their stories and experiences with members.

ο»ΏClick below and listen to them as they were all equally inspiring.

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