Embedding Videos in your BNI Connect profile

by Admin

Facts Tell, Stories Sell. Videos grab viewers attention better. Did you know that you can embed a VIDEO into your BNI Connect profile? While BNI Connect doesn’t host the video, as long as you have it loaded to a valid source that can generate an embed or iframe code you can display it on your profile. This is great added multimedia visibility that will appear in up to 4 distinct places: the country website, the region website, the chapter website, and the members only BNI Directory – this is a great feature when you use it from your BNI Connect Mobile App.

Here are the easy steps for you to embed your video onto your BNI Connect Profile:

  1. Log into BNI Connect and click on Update Profile
  2. Go to your video host and copy the embed code
  3. Paste the embed code in the My Business field
  4. Click update
Alternatively watch this short video tutorial to learn more click here

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