BNI Branded New Member Packs

by Admin

In May 2020 we refreshed the BNI brand globally. Now that some of our chapters have started going back to in-person meetings we are excited to share our New Member Pack with the refreshed brand and you can expect to receive yours soon.

Each member will be receiving their BNI New Member Pack in our new RED colour containing the following:

  • A welcome letter from our Founder & Chief Visionary Officer Dr Ivan Misner and our Chairman and CEO, Graham Weihmiller
  • The Connector Effect Book – be sure to read this book as it will guide you on how you can become a Master Connector and grow your business through BNI
  • A BNI Branded Mug for you to enjoy your favorite beverage as you attend your online meetings and 121s
  • Your BNI Badge to wear at your BNI Meetings and events
  • Your magnetic BNI pin for you to wear every day, identifying you as a proud BNI member – we have a ton of stories on how members have used this simple yet very effective and powerful tool to invite visitors, generate referrals and create magic for their business.
  • A BNI branded Note Book for you to use in your 121s together with a BNI branded pen

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