Reim El Houni

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As a child, Reim was obsessed with the world of videos. Ten years ago, she founded Ti22 Films which is an award-winning company, winning over 25 International Awards from New York & Cannes. Coming from an industry that’s always evolving, Reim recently pivoted her business into three new verticals.

From just 18 members in BNI Rising Phoenix to 50 members at the moment- Reim has seen it all in her 10-year journey with BNI. “I’ve witnessed growth, seen relationships build and the one thing that’s stuck with me is the transformation from a manual system where we would enter in each referral slip to the digital world including an app and university and more.’ she says.

Also a Director Consultant for 8 years, Reim has had an opportunity to support BNI Kaizen, BNI High Flyers and BNI Falcon. “I was fortunate enough to be with a group of energetic and versatile personalities in each chapter. I learnt about their perspectives, cultures and thinking patterns in-depth,” says Reim.


Being a Director Consultant (DC) comes with lots of responsibilities and learnings too. Upon being asked about Reim’s learnings as a DC, she says, “I primarily learnt how to work with people and implement through them. I believe that leadership isn’t about instructions, it’s about working together towards a common goal. There were times when I took a step back to let the chapter take the lead. I would just listen to the chapter to better understand what they think and need support for.”

Challenge turned into Opportunity

In challenging times, when the entire world transitioned to the online spectrum of business, Reim had her own set of challenges. And, the way she overcame them is just incredible. “With the DC hat on and all the change happening around us, I was very fortunate to have a strong team that hit the ground running and ensured to support the chapter in every possible way. And, trust me, when people see such strong and credible personalities lead, they gain confidence and follow-through. This paved the way for a smooth transition for all of us.”

On a personal level, Reim’s core business slowed down due to the pandemic, but without losing hope and any second thoughts, she pivoted her business to the DIY Video Academy with a belief that video content won’t go anywhere.

“The course and posting consistent videos gave me more visibility and I started attracting more BNI members because everyone suddenly realized that they needed to be out there to attract new clients and grow their business. An increased interest in video, has helped dubai ON demand in becoming the official video partners with BNI! It’s just amazing how challenges turn into opportunities.”

Finally, Reim concludes with a piece of solid advice for BNI members, “Like everything else, the more energy and effort you put into a chapter, the better results you’ll gain from it. Take up new roles and put in all you’ve got and at the end, it’ll be all worth it!”

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