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Tradition + Innovation is one of BNI’s core values that have really come to the forefront in the new normal. Pankaj Gupta, the Director Consultant of BNI Continental and Synergy has been adding more feathers to his cap with the fantastic online chapters initiative.

When asked about the thought process behind the idea, Pankaj was quick to respond, “With online meetings, it’s always about innovation.” The purpose of BNI meetings is to meet and support, to figure out how to help, and Pankaj wanted to expand that beyond in-person meetings. “I happened to meet some people from Sharjah, who wanted to be part of BNI.” He says, “However they wouldn’t be able to commit to weekly in-person meetings because of the distance.”

This prompted Pankaj to have a discussion with Bijay on the idea of starting up online chapters. He says, “I asked Bijay, why don’t we come up with something like an online chapter? Why should we keep BNI limited to people who live in Dubai or are within driving distance to commit to weekly meetings in-person?”

Pankaj is quick to back up his idea with statistics, “Today, internationally 33% of BNI members have not seen a physical meeting. Still, we are doing much more business. What else do we need? Why not start an online chapter?”

Setting Targets

How does Pankaj see the emergence of online chapters being successful? “I took up this region with 70 members, presently we have 111 members. I have my target very clear – over 221 members in December 2021.”

In Spite of this being a new venture, Pankaj is confident he is heading in the right direction. “Dr. Misner said we need social connections now more than ever.” he adds. “We human beings don’t live alone. We perform better, we work better and we grow better in groups. This is the community value I want to bring back into society. This is a tremendous way BNI brings back social values.”

In BNI, the feeling of family and community is so strong, and that’s the emotion Pankaj is hoping to bring to the online chapters. “Being in BNI there are at least 20 people you can go to talk to if you need any help. That’s what we are serving them on a platter, that’s why BNI, that’s why this community.”

All In One

In the digital era, life is certainly fast-paced. Pankaj says, “We want to have a social life, but we also want to increase our business. What if this social family of BNI also helps grow your business?” He asks, “Do you have any other organization that brings all these things together? Everything comes together in one package, What more do you want?”

Pankaj has only one requirement if you want to be successful in an online chapter “Attitude, Attitude, Attitude. I just want to see that you love to connect with people. Form the relationships with the attitude to know each other and business will come.”

He signs off with an inspiring challenge to new members, “If you do all the things BNI asks you to do and you don’t get your money at least three times in return, I will write you a cheque. I can assure you.”

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