Sajith Ansar – Master Connector

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Eighteen years ago Sajith Ansar started a branding firm to help businesses with marketing, graphics and rebranding. A BNI Member for more than 9 years, today, Sajith has created around 1400 global brands.

“BNI is an integral part of our marketing strategy, mentorship, advisory and my friend circle. It’s a way of life now.” Sajith says. “There is no question of renewal because it is a non-negotiable part of me now that’s just going to stay.”

When Sajith attended his first-ever chapter meeting, he was extremely impressed. But, at the time, his firm was in the start-up phase which held him back from joining BNI. “I was invited back to BNI by Vishal who was a part of Insomniacs. I went and immediately fell in love with the energy, the calibre of people who were there and everything about it. With no second thoughts, I signed up to be a part of BNI.” Sajith adds.


Keeping with our core value of Lifelong Learning, one thing that drives Sajith is learning from whatever comes along the way.

“Every week is different, I look forward to BNI meetings because you get to learn something new every time: be it through People’s 30 seconds, testimonials, targeted clients, education slots or how people are selling themselves. And, this is what interests me because learning is a billion-dollar format for me and the biggest driving factor too.” Sajith says.

“Another thing that keeps me driven is the fact that some of my best friends are a part of BNI. We’re a close group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are masterminds. We help, hold each other accountable and share things that couldn’t be shared on other forums. Surprisingly, I also bumped into my schoolmates a few days back in one of the chapter meetings that I was attending.” He adds.

Key Takeaways

When questioned about tips for new members, Sajith has a different approach to it. “After becoming a member, a lot of people think that they’ll automatically get business. But like everything else, you’ll have to put in some efforts. Even while having a normal 121, just do some homework beforehand. Learn about the company, the person, check their website, LinkedIn, their aspirations. In short, just dive in deep.”

Sajith considers chapter loyalty as an essential aspect but at the same time encourages members to give the best client service. “Look for people who could empower the team within and outside the chapter. Find multiple industries that could give referrals. In the end, focus more on giving. Take the responsibility of growing the chapter in terms of energy and visibility.”

While everyone struggles to get visitors, Sajith simply talks about how he has benefited from BNI, what he has learned and how it has helped him grow business. And, that’s exactly what does the magic for him!

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