Anishkaa Gehani

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An Amazing Journey

Anishkaa Gehani, a passionate PR enthusiast, conceptualized and founded Yardstick Marketing Management eight years ago. Eight months into it, Anishkaa discovered BNI and that it gave her the opportunity to surround herself with like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs.

She took her first steps by joining the largest BNI chapter in the Middle East – BNI Insomniacs. From then, begins the journey of growth. Back in the days, Public Relations as a strategy was predominantly used by government departments, multi-national companies and a few select SMEs and hence was skeptical if BNI would really work for her business? However, to her surprise, she closed a business of AED 10,000 in the first month of her membership itself, solidifying her belief in the concept of ‘Giver’s Gain’.

Today, referring business and networking has become a significant part of her being. “It’s been a personal and professional journey of discovery, opportunities and evolution, which I continue to cherish each day.” she says. Over her tenure of almost seven years now, as she began to witnessed growth, she also realized the importance of giving back and to contribute to the growth of this wonderful business network in the UAE. With that in mind, Anishkaa accepted the role of Ambassador to the vibrant BNI Tritons, and thoroughly enjoys mentoring new members.

Creating Opportunities in PR

“Entrepreneurs and CEO’s today understand the power of personal branding,” says Anishkaa. “However, there is a growing need to be consistent and strategic with the brand-building exercise.” Anishkaa is keen to share insights on how companies and business owners can create and humanize a brand with creative storytelling.
“PR is a long-term strategy”, she adds. “Repetition equals recall, one must not downplay the power of marketing integration”.

Anishkaa believes that consistency is key to building your brand and creating the right perception. Her best tip is to create a key messaging document, which will help synergize marketing campaigns and keep communication clear. Owing to her vast array of expertise, she has enabled several fortune 500 companies to create compelling personal and organizational brands. She has successfully curated innovative and award-winning PR campaigns and through the strength of her media strategies and media relations has garnered stellar results for clients.

Network = Networth

Building relationships is an integral part of Anishkaa’s business. The relationships she’s built at BNI span chapters, and even countries, and still continue to flourish. “There are certain people in my list who I know are just a call away whenever I need them, they have been my sounding board.” she adds. BNI Connect has also opened up many doors across countries, a key element as Anishkaa looks forward to scaling up Yardstick Marketing and Yardstick Medical.

Currently, Anishkaa is hooked on to Dr. Ivan Misner’s podcasts. “It has become my evening walk with Ivan.” Even now, seven years down, BNI continues to amaze Anishkaa with the opportunities it presents as she continues to grow her network multifold.

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