Seby Cyriac

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Seby Cyriac
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Going paperless has become more and more mainstream in the last couple of years, but Seby Cyriac isn’t new to digitization. The founder of Cube Innovators Technologies, he has been helping companies go digital for the last 17 years! A core group member of BNI Gazelles, Seby has been a member since its launch six years ago.


Recently, he took up the role of Ambassador for BNI Genesis using insights from his journey with BNI Gazelles. “I learned a lot from them,” Seby says. “I wanted to use that experience and expertise to take BNI Genesis to the next level, and help the members generate more business.”

Seby’s approach has been yielding results. In both February and March of this year, BNI Genesis bagged ‘Chapter of the Month’ based on their performance and growth. “I feel proud because the expertise of the Leadership Team has been accepted by the members,” he beams.

Tell not Sell 

In his six-year stint with BNI, Seby has sponsored an incredible 19 members – amongst the highest of any member. This has led to him being recognized as a Master Connector. Upon being asked the reason behind the high sponsorships, he chuckles and says, “It’s very easy! Helping entrepreneurs is my passion. As a business owner, I’m connected to many entrepreneurs who are eager to take their business to the next level.”


Sharing his BNI experience and the benefits he receives using BNI as a member helps him get more visitors. “I don’t have to sell, I just have to say what BNI offers its members,” Seby adds. “Once they visit and see it’s a structured proven system it helps potential members understand how BNI can help their business and the benefits they can get.”

Core Values

Seby’s BNI journey has been an inspiring one. He’s reached some incredible milestones both personally and in his role as an Ambassador. So, what have been some of the key resources he’s utilized at BNI? “If you look into BNI Business Builder, the unlimited training programs have really contributed to the growth of my interpersonal skills – that’s priceless,” Seby states. “We don’t attend a lot of training programs, because we look at the cost. But, BNI members get that training online.”


Building relationships is another core value at the forefront of Seby’s success. “I have a reliable team of people with whom I’ve built lifelong relationships and still do business with, whether as a member or not.”

Seby signs off with some words of wisdom for his fellow members. “When you have your visibility and credibility I always believe business will follow you,” he remarks. “That’s the crux of Givers Gain, the more you give the more you get back.”

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