BNI Gazelles – A 100 Million Celebration

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BNI Gazelles is busy celebrating the tremendous accomplishment of a truly remarkable milestone – Thank You For Closed Business of AED 100 million. The leadership team of BNI Gazelles reflects on their eventful experience so far, which has led to this noteworthy achievement.

Shabbier Khambata, President of BNI Gazelles, has already had an incredible journey at BNI. He took a short break before his current five-year stint. “I came back with a bang! I enjoy every single Monday morning meeting,” he says enthusiastically.

Vice President, Amandeep Kaur shares her thoughts on how within two years, she has grown from a newcomer in the BNI Family to now being one of the core members in the Leadership Team of BNI Gazelles. “It is really impressive to be working with a vast number of people,” she says.

Umesh CK, Secretary-Treasurer, gushes about the close-knit characteristics of his BNI chapter and is happy to be a part of such a friendly atmosphere. “I’ve become a child again, with the kind of grouping and relationships we build here. It’s beautiful” he smiles.

Shabbier emphasizes the welcoming personality of the group at Gazelles, where every group member makes you feel comfortable. Especially during these interesting times, they continue to grow onward and upward. “Just look at our number, we are still there and we are still growing,” he adds.

Celebrations Lead to Celebrations

According to the leadership team of Gazelles, the key to reaching the levels of success of AED 100 million Thank You For Closed Business depends on one thing. They firmly believe in celebrating and supporting every chapter member to reach new heights at a personal and group level.

“The members of the group have gone the extra mile to bring in referrals for one another,” Shabbier states. Amandeep agrees, “When it comes to celebrations, Gazelles celebrate each member’s performance with a beautiful social event every month!”

Words of Counsel

With great success comes a great responsibility to share what has worked for the Gazelles, and the Leadership Team is eager to pass on their wealth of knowledge. However, in line with BNI’s core value of a Positive Attitude, Shabbier shares, “Be positive…don’t expect things to work overnight..give first to be able to get.”

Amandeep highlights the importance of Building Relationships in both business and life. “Building lasting relationships will not only help you in business but also help you in unknown ways in life,” she adds. Umesh signs off with advice that is succinct and to the point, saying, “I can’t think of any business that doesn’t benefit from a strong network.”

A hearty congratulations to BNI Gazelles on reaching this landmark achievement! We can’t wait to see the success they leap to in the future.

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