Priya Telavane

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Making the Connection

Three years ago architect, and founder of 361, Priya Telavane joined BNI as a core group member, but it wasn’t quite a straightforward path from being invited to a meeting to joining.

“I had been invited to many BNI meetings before, but I hadn’t yet attended.” Priya says. “After losing two or three projects, I realised they had been referred through BNI and had landed the contract due to strong connections.”

Upon attending a nearby chapter meeting, Priya wasn’t able to speak as her category had already taken. However, she had the opportunity to connect with Namita, who wanted to interview her and form an all-women chapter. This was an extremely exciting prospect for Priya, “I always believe in women power,” she says, “I told her, I’m definitely coming.”

Leadership Qualities

Leadership certainly comes naturally to Priya, however she wasn’t initially a part of the leadership team at BNI Evergreen.

“I became the Vice-President by fluke,” Priya chuckles. “I had just won two awards back to back and they said we want someone for this Vice-President role who had your leadership qualities.” Her journey didn’t stop there though. Priya went on to serve two terms as President of BNI Evergreen. The positive and vibrant energy of the chapter became a prime indicator of Priya’s leadership.

Givers Gain

Giving back is huge on Priya’s agenda, her cross-chapter numbers are off the chart! “Whatever services we subcontract I try to see that I get it from BNI. I just refer right, left and centre to everyone, because I attend so many networking events.”

Creating a success story for herself is key, and Priya isn’t afraid to knock on new doors to make new connections. “BNI Connect on the the app is the best, everything is available right at my fingertips.”

BNI has been instrumental in bringing Priya out of her shell and giving her the confidence to ask for what she needs. “BNI has definitely helped me to expand my network, and get more visibility. With these connects I was able to meet more women entrepreneurs. Getting recognition, and winning awards within BNI helped me get more visibility, and establish myself as a serious business owner.”

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