Sandeep Bhatia

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Sandeep Bhatia represents his family’s company, Quality Printing Press LLC, which has been in the print business for the last 90 years. A founder member of BNI Continental, his BNI journey started 7 years ago. “It’s been outstanding. BNI has helped me grow in every possible way. The best thing about BNI is the ask factor – ask and it’s given to you. BNI is like that magical genie, you ask for your wish and people are there to help and support you.” he chuckles.

Finding Inspiration in Connections

The senior-most member in his chapter, Sandeep has played a key role ever since BNI Continental was launched. When asked what inspires and keeps him going, Sandeep says support is a big factor. “We always put our hands up and ask for help. And, the minute we did that, the whole BNI team was there helping you out. BNI keeps me going because of family, friends, and business connections.”

Sandeep has been a driving force for BNI Continental and was recently recognized as one of the Master Connectors in BNI UAE. In his 7 year tenure, Sandeep has invited over 130 visitors, generated 700 referrals, and created more than 6 million AED in business for fellow members.

So, how did he do it?  “I’m always available for any member or visitor. All my meetings, even my business meetings start with me saying “I’m here to support you, to help you, to serve you” and that’s what BNI is about. Whatever goes around comes around. As a member if you practice that you will be able to reach your targets, you will be able to give, you will be able to achieve whatever you want in your life,” Sandeep says.

Key Takeaways

Sandeep is a goldmine of advice for fellow members. When asked about what tips he would like to give to fellow members to connect better and make the most of this global platform, he remarks, “It’s all about how much you want to give. Instead of gaining from the other, you’d rather give, and the world is there to give it back to you. You’re talking about connections, helping the person to make sure all their needs are sufficed.”

“Ninety percent of the time when I meet a person, my work is done because of my BNI connects. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit BNI,” he smiles.

Building relationships in your chapter is also key for Sandeep. “Involve yourself a little more in your chapters, make that connection. Not by your mind, not by the thought that you want to gain business, but by your heart.”

Sandeep signs off with some final tips and advice, “Take up leadership roles which will give you visibility. It will help your presentation skills. Connect to the world, this is what BNI has done for me.”

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