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Supercharging your Business Growth and preparing for 2021

Over 625 participants had over 1,600 121s and over 40,000 interactions at our first virtual event – the BNI GCC 2020 Conference, BNI RISE on 15th to 17th October 2020. The highlights from the event were the keynotes from our Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Dr Ivan Misner, our Chairman and CEO, Graham Weihmiller, and ZOHO Co-Founder and Chairman, Sridhar Vembu. Other highlights were the 18 Country Pavilions we hosted and facilitating international networking – this truly added the ‘i’ in BNI and the feedback received was very positive.

Now that we are warmed up with virtual networking, BNI’s largest event in its history takes place where over 7,500 BNI members from around the world will connect, recharge, and energize their personal and professional vision. We have over 100 members from the UAE attending this exciting event and we’ll update you on the results in the next edition of this newsletter.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed registering for the events above, you can still take advantage of the BNI Booster Series of Webinars which are available to ALL BNI Members and are designed to support you with business continuity tips and personal & professional connectivity. You can click here to learn more, look at the upcoming webinars and also access recordings of previous webinars.

Restart the World – One Business at a Time

Earlier in September 2020 Graham Weihmiller and Dr. Ivan Misner together with our very own National Director, Bijay Rajinkantt Shah officially hit the restart button on the world economy as they went live to announce “BNI’s Restart the World”. The live event was designed to celebrate the success of BNI Members who have survived and thrived during one of the worst economic environments since the Great Depression.

At the recent BNI RISE Event, we heard from some members share their emotional uplift of going through the struggles of business during a pandemic and the joys of overcoming challenges to survive and thrive – you can watch their stories here.

We want to help businesses get restarted and growing. What we have to offer at BNI is needed now more than ever and you are encouraged to help at least one business get restarted by introducing them to the benefits of BNI.

Feel free to use these Virtual Backgrounds for your online meetings with your clients, suppliers and associates outside of BNI and invite them to your BNI Meeting to see how it can help them.

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