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Core value sare the things that you believe are most important in the way you live and work. We have our set of BNI Core values which help us determine our priorities. Core values are what support the vision of BNI and help shape its culture… Core values help us in our decision-making processes. Your success in BNI is dependent on how aligned you are with the BNI Core Values. You will get the most value and return on your investment if your personal core values are aligned with those of BNI and how well your chapter is aligned with those values too. Let’s take a look at our 7 Core Values and what they mean. You may want to give a score to each based on your personal alignment and your chapter alignment.

1)Givers Gain®

This is the core philosophy of BNI®. It’s incredible that so many people in our organization understand and practice this value. The idea of “what goes around comes around” is intuitive and a key part of successful networking. Remember: It’s a standard to apply to yourself,rather than a sword by which to cut others.
Personal Alignment:_______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________

2)Building Relationships

This was the foundation of BNI®when it was first set up and is what we are all about today.Networking is about building positive, strong relationships.
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________

3) Lifelong Learning

The more we see Members, Leadership Teams and Directors/Directors Consultants immerse din a culture of learning, the more successful our chapters are. More education and learning leads to greater engagement and more successful networking.
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________

4)Traditions + Innovation

Our traditions lay the foundation to who we are by showing where we came from. However,we must always be leading with innovation to stay current. This means that new advancements in technology and thinking must be absorbed into our process. Don’t lose touch with new changes in business and don’t be afraid to try new things in BNI®.
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________

5)Positive Attitude

Survey after survey has shown that this is the top criteria that people look for in someone tonetwork with. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative, unhappy people. Instead,surround yourself with people who want you to succeed; positive people who will uplift you.
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________


This is such an important value in the contemporary business world. A networking group without accountability is a coffee club. It’s like playing a game of football with no rules.Accountability is a key value at every level of the BNI®organization.
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________


Recognition is something that we really believe in at BNI®. We want to recognize people who’ve done a good job and celebrate their achievements. This starts at the chapter level. If you see something that deserves recognition, let others know so that they can help spread the word!
Personal Alignment: _______________ Chapter Alignment: ________________

Now that you’ve scored each of the BNI Core Values on how aligned you and your chapter are, ask yourself “what can you do” to fully align yourself and your chapter. Is there any change you need to make in your behavior, habits, routines? Is there any role in your chapter you can step up to? What tools do you need to make any changes and what resources do you have? Engage with your Leadership Team, Chapter Director Consultant or Chapter Ambassador and see how they can support you.Regularly checking in and re-aligning yourself will generate the results you desire from BNI. It’s not only a great way to GET business but it’s an awesome way to DO business.

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