Ayesha Kouwatly

by Admin

How long have you been in BNI?

Unofficially since sept 2018, officially with launch of the Tritons chapter since April 2019.

What got you into BNI?

I was struggling into my business when I got introduced to the power of referral marketing, studied it and since have explored many networking events prior to joining, yet BNI stood out, I believe it is the only structured biggest global network that is built on the giver’s gain philosophy. This fits and sits perfectly well with my personal approach in life.

So, your chapter was launched in March 2019 and you joined in March / April. You are one of the core group members and your chapter will be completing 1 year in March this year. How has your journey been so far?

It is a great delight and honor to be part of BNI Tritons – the journey with the Tritons has carried so many exciting experiences, professional and fun interactions not to forget the learnings accompanied with many business opportunities and collaborations unfolding. I feel I have an extended family, a sense of protected loving community. With Tritons, it was love at first sight and still is.


Any special connections, relationships that you have built in this last year that has helped you personally / professionally?  

Every member in the Tritons chapter is a true gem and as I spend more time with them the bond and admiration grows even stronger. I am proud and privileged to say I have Many great relationships and friendships not only in the Tritons chapter but also across other chapters. I have mentors and inspirational BNI buddies that are guiding me. I feel so blessed.

What advice would you give to your fellow members or BNI members in general sharing your experience?

Keep an open mind and heart and you will start seeing magic unfold. BNI brings like-minded and hearted people together uniting them to flourish and grow together horizontally and vertically on a personal and professional level. All it takes is to be consistent, open to listen, learn, apply the knowledge gained with a little of patience.

There are so many tools and resources now available in BNI. What tools do you use and what do you recommend?

The tools provided by BNI are massive will name few as am still exploring the Global connect App that helps you connect further across the globe – BNI university especially the Podcasts as they are short, sweet and extremely insightful with a lot of practical tips. The workshops are also another tool that I recommend as they are hands on with a lot of interactions and exercises to sharpen your skills most and for all as well networking with other cross chapter members to grow your network.

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