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What will your BNI legacy be?

Someone once said to me “Never burn your bridges” it is a saying from the armed forced basically it means always leave yourself a way back.

Over the years I have experienced many people leaving the chapters I have been a part of. Let’s face it, at some point a large percentage of people do move on ( and some like myself come back ).

What has amazed me is how some people choose to exit. I have seen “the good, the bad and the ugly” exit.

Our time in BNI can be an amazing experience. We join a group of people with a common goal to enhance our business through developing great relationships and friendships. We commit weekly to the group and to each other. Giving of our time, energy and passion.

When we leave the chapter would it therefore make sense to leave the chapter in the same way we chose to contribute to it. By thinking of others “Giver Gain”. Givers Gain is not just about referrals it is about energy and good will. In the leadership script it says “ If I am going to help you get business then you will want to help me get business – or in other words what goes around come around” it doesn’t even mention referrals.

So what is a nice way to leave?
1. Communicate your intention clearly to the LT to help make their job easy. Agree an exit strategy
2. Attend the chapter meeting one more time and after the visitors leave then wish everyone a personal thank you and good bye.
3. Send all the documentation needed to HQ
4. Maybe even suggest a replacement
5. Attend all your meetings until the agreed exit time. This shows continued commitment and enhances your credibility.
6. Remember that the way we show up in BNI is how people think we run our business outside of BNI.

It is worth remembering that the team goes on without you, they are striving to hit GOALS and performance targets and if our exit allows them to maintain this and doesn’t case them any strife then one day when we decide to return like I did to BNI then we are welcomed back with open arms and open hearts. If we choose not to return to BNI then we still maintain good will and credibility in our everyday lives outside of the chapter and we will be greeted with open arms and open hearts.

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