How to use BNI’s 7 core values to create effective content

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Karthik Subramanian is a content strategist, editor, writer and media consultant, and the co-founder of VersionO ( He is a member of BNI Champions.

How do you build brand loyalty? How can you get your customers to trust your brand? How can you build a following organically? These questions can seem quite daunting, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

But don’t worry: as a member of BNI, you already have the answer with you – you just need to see it in a different light.

Here’s how the BNI Core Values can be used as beautiful guidelines to create content that will engage, impress and convert your customers.

Core Value 1: Givers Gain

70% of people would rather get information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post than from a traditional advertisement.

SOURCE: Demand Metric

The advice to “sell through the room, not to the room” applies to your brand’s content too. Don’t always talk only about your company, products or achievements. Instead, use that space – whether it’s your blog, social media or LinkedIn stories – to share knowledge and expertise. In life, we tend to trust the experts. So, become the expert in your line of business and your customers will trust you.

Core Value 2: Building Relationships

87% of consumers said they’d purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

SOURCE: Cone Communications

Customers want to see themselves and their values reflected in brands they prefer. Focus on building that relationship instead of keeping it entirely transactional. Create content that espouses the values you and your company hold dear – it’s a great way to build lasting loyalty.

Core Value 3: Lifelong Learning

88% of people are more favourable to brands that provide information along every stage of their journey.

SOURCE: Think With Google

This cuts both ways: As a brand, you should always learn about latest trends, and educate your customers. People love to read informative content online that teaches them new things – providing this knowledge makes it easier for new customers to trust you and, eventually, advocate for you and buy more from you. Always make sure the knowledge you’re sharing covers every aspect of the customer journey, from initial awareness to the final purchase.

Core Value 4: Traditions & Innovation

94% of content marketers changed their strategy in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic.

SOURCE: Content Marketing Institute

The nature and structure of the content you put out cannot remain the same across your brand’s growth. Your customers need to feel involved in your journey and you need to make them feel empowered and help them evolve. So, be aware of what’s happening in the mediascape around you and change accordingly.

Core Value 5: A positive and supportive attitude

62% of consumers say their purchasing consideration is driven by a company’s ethical values and authenticity.

SOURCE: Accenture

A brand’s ethical stance is important. If you are passionate about a cause or topic, show it in your content. Be genuine and your customers will trust you more. Show them that you support them and the values they respect, and they will in turn reciprocate it.

Core Value 6: Recognition

More than 40% of people would shift to a more inclusive and diverse brand.

SOURCE: Accenture

Recognition isn’t always a tangible item. The crucial point here is that customers today want their concerns to be recognized and talked about. So, use your content to show them what you are doing to address various issues and how you understand and support their concerns.

Core Value 7: Accountability

74% of customers crave greater transparency in how companies source their products, ensure safe working conditions and their stance on important issues such as animal testing.

SOURCE: Accenture

Sustainability. Fair wages. Equal opportunity. Don’t use these ‘burning issues’ only as taglines: own them by writing about how you include these aspects in your business, products or supply chain.

And there you have it. If you follow the BNI Core Values as guidelines, you will soon be able to make your content work for you and your brand, driving qualified leads and referrals to your business.

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