How to Get Back to Networking After a Break

by Admin

Human beings are social animals, and our desire to be in touch with one another, whether in our personal or professional lives, is a fact. When the new normal landed everyone in a new course, there was no other go but to adapt. Business networking also had its part to play. Zoom meetings and virtual events kept organizations afloat at a time when social distancing was the norm.

With lives almost back to normal, networking events have become hybrid, encouraging those who can attend in person. Have you been thinking of getting back to networking after a break? Here are some simple tips that can be of help.

Start Networking With Close Connections

If you have made good connections over the two years virtually, joining them to attend a live networking event would be the best re-entry to in-person networking. Might look like baby steps, but when you connect one-to-one with your known team to start with, it makes the job much easier.

Find Common Interests

It is another way in which two people can gel together quickly. You tend to discuss a lot without inhibitions when you have a common point of interest. The experience you take back is the meat of the matter. So be mindful of the value you add to build deep relationships.

At BNI, members build meaningful relationships to help one another- a powerful way to make a difference in another person’s life.

Interact Consistently

Remember to attend networking events consistently so that the momentum is maintained. Try not to find a reason to call off an event and go back to your cocoon because people want to have live interactions.

Host a Networking event

Try to host a networking event in a way you can benefit. Plan the flow and structure productively. Arrange for a co-host so that, in your absence, they take charge of the event to run smoothly.

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