Speed Networking- A Quick Way To Grow Your Business Connections

by Admin

Passionate business owners love to build their network as it is a trusted source of new business. When you launch a new business and are curious about how to go about meeting prospects, think about the new kid on the block-Speed Networking. 


It may be a quick method of meeting and introducing yourselves to many entrepreneurs in a short span, but it has relevance in a fast world where you may not even have time to regret a wrong decision. If you believe in the benefits of knowing resourceful people in your business, you can speed network and be a resource for other entrepreneurs.


Variation of Traditional Business Networking


It is a fast-paced style of networking. Entrepreneurs can have quick one-to-ones with a lot of entrepreneurs and exchange cards. When attending speed networking events, it’s better to be ready with an impressive brief introduction about yourself and your business. Some non-cliche questions (but relevant ones) can help build connections for future follow-ups.


High Level of Energy


Speed networking brings out a high level of energy at the venue. Having a buzzer to start and move on to the next person in the room makes it exciting. The more you attend such events, the more you know how to prepare, the resources to carry, and to interact more freely with other business owners. 

Follow up.


The high energy and fast pace may not let you schedule a call with the person when speed networking. Remember to email or call to catch up over lunch so that you can discuss business in detail. So make a striking first impression.

Speed networking is an opportunity to cultivate business relationships systematically. BNI is the world’s largest networking organization, with a proven system of business networking that help entrepreneurs build long-term relationships with like-minded professionals. Meeting the right people can lead to better knowledge and decision-making, which is essential to take your business to the next level.

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