Changing Business Communications in the Digital Age

by Admin

In the last few decades, communication has undergone a seismic shift. Things that were once impossible have become easy with the advent of digital technology and Internet-enabled devices—and there’s more to come!

Organizations of all kinds recognize the importance of effective communication. Using the right words at the right time can set the vibe within the organization. Getting a message across different levels and different people is an art that leads to efficiency and productivity—and not doing it can be incredibly costly.

Digitization has made it possible for businesses around the globe to stay in touch with each other and communicate their transactions regardless of location. 

Messaging Apps

Organizations today have better communication apps, quick to learn and use. A messaging app can give people access to all kinds of information they need daily, as well as help them plan and manage their work while incorporating teammates and keeping leadership informed.Business professionals today are result-driven and do not believe in communication barriers that make their job harder. 


Using emails for business communication comes with an advantage of tracking and following up urgent transcations. E-mails are at your fingertips to check and send messages, place orders, enable subscriptions, and whatnot in the most dignified and professional way in the blink of an eye. It creates a meaningful relationship between businesses and within through  uninterrupted communication flow

Video Calls

Official meetings got a new face, with Zoom meetings pitching in at a time when meeting in person was impossible. It saves time and makes business interactions more convenient for introverted professionals as well.  

At BNI, online meetings with the help of the automated tool BNI Online  keep entrepreneurs connected to ensure their businesses grow and have access to quality referral resources locally and globally.

AR Tools

A big impact is on the horizon for us with augmented reality on both the business and personal fronts. AR makes communication immersive, one that’s more engaging than others, by altering people’s perception of reality. It can add new layers of meaning to a visual or text.

New technology has changed and will continue to change the way we interact with each other professionally.

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