7 Questions You Need To Ask before Networking

by Admin

Networking events are much-awaited ones for business owners who believe in the benefits it gives. However, it may be a nightmare for introverts who are not comfortable heading to a room buzzing with unknown people. 

If you have a limited time to make an impression, be ready with non-cliche questions. To know your fellow networkers, their business, their field of expertise, interest, and hobbies, prepare relevant questions. Keeping in mind people love to talk about themselves, twist your questions into more engaging ones to build trust and appreciation in the flow.

Q1) How do you spend your days?

Instead of asking what you do, give a choice to the person on the other side. They may talk about their work and things they are interested in other than business.

Q2) What got you interested in this field?

As a part of the follow-up question, you can ask what got them interested in their respective fields. Their stories give you clues about their backgrounds and what gets them started. 

Q3) What made you decide to come to this event?

It will give you the real reason why a person is there. Your interaction will unfold an opportunity for each other.

Q4) Are you here to meet anyone in particular?

When you know who they are looking for, you can introduce them to some of your acquaintances who can be of referral value.

Q5) What would make this event valuable to you?

Generally, most people attend networking events to get quality referrals. But Givers would love to offer help to someone in need first, even before asking for a favor. A question like this will throw light on the intent of a networker.

Q6) What’s the best thing that happened to your company or organization this year?

People love to talk about their accomplishments, and your excitement will motivate them to narrate a bit more about how they made it. 

Q7) What’s the biggest thing you are working on at the moment?

With this question, you understand if the person has challenges to overcome or is currently on the lookout for any resources. 

The more follow-up questions you ask and notes you make, the more they value your care and unleash ways to master the art of networking.

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