BNI Synergy – 13 years of Celebration

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It’s been a landmark year for BNI Synergy in more ways than one. The chapter is celebrating its 13th anniversary this February. Growing and keeping a BNI chapter running for well over a decade is no small achievement. So, what’s the secret to their success?


Roshan Weerasuriya, Vice President of BNI Synergy says it boils down to retention. “From a member’s perspective, what we have learned as a group is that retention of members is a very important aspect. If a chapter needs to continue to grow retaining good members, contributing members is vital.”


But that’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Member satisfaction is important too, Roshan adds, “Ensuring that our members get the best out of BNI, be it business, be it personal development, that’s what we as other members have to contribute. Bringing in that culture that people are happy, and are surrounded by happiness in the chapter.”

Lucky 13

13 years is certainly a cause for celebration, but for Secretary Treasurer, Faisal Mazid Kumandan, every chapter meeting is a celebration. “I feel every meeting on Monday is a celebration.”


He is working hard to organize BNI Synergy’s Lucky 13 celebration in order to involve the members to make them feel they are part of such a wonderful milestone. “Lucky 13 is the theme for this month,” he says, “with additional socials and events keeping the members engaged.”

Innovation + Tradition

Ibrahim Khaleel Arimala, President of BNI Synergy, has seen how much BNI has changed in the 10 years he’s been a member. “When I started my career in BNI it was completely different then to how it is today,” he says. “Nowadays everything is online.”


Adding on to Ibrahim’s comments, Roshan adds, “This the most stress-free VP tenure I’ve had because it’s all so digital. The tools that are in place, what BNI themselves have provided us. Traditions and Innovations is exactly what we see here. What better platform than bni online itself to meet new people?”


When asked about any advice the Synergy Leadership Team can give to aspiring members, Ibrahim is quick to bring up the Hour of Honour. “Members should take one hour in the week to do activities specifically for BNI.”


Faisal focuses on keeping it simple. “You don’t just come to BNI just for business,” he says. “I have forged such strong bonds and friendships, I have been able to open companies with fellow members not only in Dubai but internationally. Look for genuine bonds to be made. Be patient, don’t worry about business, BNI will definitely work for you if you’re patient.”

Sticking to the basics is also key, as Roshan affirms, “It’s about the fundamentals, it’s about sticking to the basics. It’s not a very complex thing. BNI is like a gym, what you put in is what you get. Focus on the smaller things, on the relationships and you’ll see your membership skyrocket.”

Varsha doesn’t want members to lose hope if results don’t come right away. “Relationship bonds take time, it doesn’t come immediately.” She signs off. “Even if we start a new business we take time to reap the benefits, and BNI is the same.”

We wish BNI Synergy all the very best and continuous success in their journey towards growth and positivity.

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