How to Lead Effectively When Your Company Is Remote

by Admin

Times are changing, and working remotely is the new normal. In this day and age, when work from home is pretty much a staple, it’s important to stay connected with your employees. Leading your team effectively can be challenging when everyone is working remotely, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As long as there is communication and honesty, work from home can be suprisingly effective! Here are some tips to help you lead effectively even from a remote setting.

Have Face to Face Meetings

Ensuring you communicate consistently and effectively is key if you want to stay connected with your employees. Although it can be tempting to keep the camera off during calls, its important to have regular video calls to touch base. Apart from the usual work calls, these video calls can be used to provide updates, answer any questions, and see how your employees are coping with their work. Many employees may struggle with reduced face to face supervision, and may feel you are out of touch with their needs, and these regular video calls will help.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Communication is so important, especially when you can’t just pop your head around the corner to clarify things. Make sure you keep a few different lines of communication open, not just email. Here are some other modes of communication you can use to keep communication smooth and quick:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging Groups
  • Text Messages

Get Feedback

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the work from home system that works for your company won’t be either. Both you and your employees are in the same boat with regards to making a remote situation work, so let them know that. Encourage new suggestions, and be open to hearing feedback on new policies implemented. This will make them feel valued, boost morale, and you may find some fantastic new solutions, to boot!

Find Time for Social Interaction

Building, and keeping rapport is extremely important when work is remote. Socializing makes up a huge part of the dynamics and work culture, and it’s crucial to find a subsitute for this interaction with work from home. Use video conferencing tools and schedule in get-togethers, or virtual office parties with ice-breakers, and time for everyone to catch up and enjoy some office banter. Even during your regular meetings, make small talk and communicate about non-work items. This helps your employees to feel less isolated and promotes a feeling of belonging, which only boosts productivity.

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