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Master Connectors

In my earlier message at the beginning of this year, I encouraged all of you, our members to think of how you can give back to the business community – think of who you believe can benefit from what BNI has to offer and invite them to your chapter meeting.

The first quarter of 2021 has gone by and I can proudly share that we have had 667 visitors attend our meetings and 71 new members join our community in this period. That’s 71 more people who will benefit from what BNI has to offer and this will in turn impact hundreds, maybe thousands of lives – think of all the people they employ and their families.

Our global theme for the second quarter of 2021 is to help you become Master Connectors. Think of members in your chapter who:

  • Invite lots of visitors regularly
  • Sponsor lots of new members regularly
  • Generate lots of referrals for other members regularly
  • Solve problems and help lots of fellow members regularly – they are the ‘go to’ person for everyone
  • Build trusted relationships regularly

As a Master Connector, not only do you help others but ultimately you grow your own revenue and business as a result.

Are you a Master Connector? In this month’s newsletter we have featured some of our Master Connectors from amongst our members and DnA Team – they are Rakesh Pardasani, Kunal Vadhani, Sandeep Bhatia & Simran Samtani – you can learn more about them in the articles that follow. We have many more members amongst our BNI UAE Community who are Master Connectors and you will learn more about them as we feature them in our Social Media and Monthly Newsletters over the next few months.

Watch this short video which has a special message from our Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Dr, Ivan Misner on how you too can become a Master Connector.

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