BNI’s Referral Tracking System is Now Live!

by Admin

In case you missed this, BNI’s Global Technology Team has launched another powerful new feature.

The much-anticipated, top-requested new feature means you can now track the status of referrals. No more wondering “Did my fellow Chapter Member follow up?” or “Did that referral I passed work out?” The answers are now at your fingertips.

BNI Members and Directors can now see when their referral has been contacted and what the outcome of that outreach was (moving forward or not). Referral recipients will also be prompted to create TYFCB slips once referrals are completed. Confidentiality is of course enabled for industries that can’t confirm when business is complete. Dive into BNI Connect® Mobile or Web and check out this amazing feature today!

Watch this short video that shows you just how easy referral tracking can be!

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