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Neeru is an executive coach and the managing director of the Marya Leadership Academy. (www.maryaleadership.com) She has been a member of BNI for over 5 years and a former Director Consultant in our UAE team.

Education piece

Transitions are deeply emotional times and offer the opportunity for #growth and #transformation.

I’ve listed seven questions that can help you through your transition. Whether you’re a BNI Member, or a leader, or in a career transition, or experiencing a business transition, you will find these questions helpful.

1. What is trying to happen here?
All transitions are tides of change that bring something new. Think about what THIS transition is signaling for you and your business and your chapter. What new thing is trying to emerge through this transition?

2. What’s on the other side?
What is the big opportunity on the other side of this transition? What’s possible?

3. What role are you playing currently?
Think about your current role. What role are you playing? How has this role helped you grow? What have you learned about yourself from this role?

4. What’s the opportunity for you to step into? What’s possible?
Imagine the opportunity for you on the other side of this transition. Imagine the learning and increased visibility and credibility. Imagine what’s possible for your chapter and networking colleagues.

5. What’s holding you back?
What are you telling yourself about why you can’t step up? What are you telling yourself about why you should. What are you holding back?

6. What lies are you telling yourself about your potential?
Did you have a previous bad experience? Do you feel you need more experience? Are you downplaying your skills and capabilities? Speak to your mentor, your director consultant, or your leadership team.

7. What’s next?
What are the next steps you need to take? Have you submitted your interest to step up? Do you need to schedule the training? Do you need to plan with your team? Do you need to speak to a mentor or a member of the leadership team?

Transitions are an opportunity for transformation and growth. See them as such. We wish you all the best through this transition. See you on the other side!

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