Creative Outreach Strategies for Small Business Owners

by Admin

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then build the business.”

– Zig Ziglar

Every neighbourhood or local community has a business buzz that keeps these communities alive. Who do you think is responsible for the goodwill? The people involved. In today’s world, a new business idea is transformed into reality quickly. And to stay ahead or at par with global standards, you need to provide people-centric solutions. Can it be called the CARE factor?

And how can care get a creative twist in business? Volunteering, sponsoring, supporting a cause, the ways are many. When local business owners derive business intentions beyond profits and growth, they stay relevant. Let’s discover a few creative outreach strategies for small businesses.

Sponsoring a Local Sports Team / Club

Staying active has so many health benefits, and everyone knows it. Sporting events are ever exciting and when you step in to sponsor one, what fills your kitty is a lot of gratitude and visibility. You may have to spend on team jerseys, playing kits or even trophies. It sure is one of the best ways to uplift your brand within your community and social media.

What Community Wants

Sometimes a local dispensary or a library may need a physical revamp. If you notice it, ask them. Find out what they want and incorporate your employees and their families to donate or work together. This involvement is refreshing and encouraging. And remember to get in touch with other business owners as well. Building better relationships is a two-way street. So why not explore the benefits?

Check Your Employees Interest Outside Work

It can be coincidental that your employees are also associated with charity organizations or events in their community, as you are in yours. Find out if they need any support. It could be a book donation camp for the school children or free medicines for the poor. When you contribute to their interests, you widen your reach and get all the attention and praise!

Involve Your Community In Your Big Decision

To involve your community is an initiative that connects. How about sending a request on Whatsapp to suggest a name for your store which you are just renovating? Imagine the engagement if you also tag a prize to it! Every local community appreciates such creative thoughts because the new normal restricts in-person interactions.

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