How to Lead and Benefit From a Diverse Workforce

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Diversity in your workforce is so important. Organisations who have learnt how to manage a diverse workforce definitely have an advantage. Take the example of airbags. When they were first created they were only tested with male dummies, putting women and children at severe risk simply due to the fact that there were no women engineers on the team to suggest the idea of testing with female dummies as well. Not only do organisations have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, but they also have the ability to pick more qualified candidates. Now that you know how a diverse workforce can benefit your business, here’s how to lead effectively.

Communication is Key
It has been said time and again, but communication really is key. In order to lead a diverse workforce you must ensure that policies and procedures are designed keeping cultural sensitivities in mind. Communicating effectively with your team means that nothing gets lost in translation and that your employees feel free to approach you with their concerns.

Offer Diversity AwarenessTraining
Holding diversity awareness training is a great way to smash through preconceived stereotypes and create a more inclusive environment. Continue putting the message out ‘officially’ through staff meeting and other employee gatherings that diversity is important at your company.

Practice Sensitivity
Conflicts between company values and employees are bound to crop every now and then. However sensitivity goes a long way towards finding compromises and providing an environment where everyone is comfortable. When your employees feel you are sensitive to their needs they are more willing to accommodate your requests.

Set Universal Standards
One size fits all when it comes to setting the standard of rules in your organization. It’s important that all employment actions are standardized to keep everything clear and fair. This will help your employees see your commitment to treating everyone equally, and can eliminate some potentially tough situations if the standard is ambiguous.

Be Open-Minded
It’s almost impossible for everyone to have identical backgrounds and experience, but that’s the beauty of it! A diverse range of perspectives is exactly what you want to discover innovative ideas. It’s important to encourage different ideas and views and have an open-minded approach – you might discover perspectives you hadn’t thought of before!

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