BNI Race to your Success

by Admin

It’s time to shift Membership growth into high gear with this year’s “Race to Your Success- BNI 300” global marketing campaign.

The primary objective of the program is to drive Members’ success. Data shows that larger Chapters deliver more referrals and revenue per Member. In fact, in the UAE a Chapter of 25 Members generates an average AED 240,000 in TYFCB. Doubling that Chapter to 50 Members increases TYFCB by 169% to an average of AED 646,000. More Members simply means more referrals.

The racing theme will be integrated throughout the world. We have created a version of the BNI Game called the BNI Race to Your Success, Chapter Growth Game. Visitors are worth 5 points and New Members are worth 25 points. The top Member Points Driver will be the BNI Race toSuccess Chapter Champion. Everyone wins when Chapter Membership grows. Growing BNI Membership to 300,000 Members will generate nearly $1 billion more revenue for BNI Members.

Our goal is to cross the 2021 finish line with 300,000 Members Globally. As our Membership grows, BNI becomes a stronger and more effective organization to support our Members and their success. So, let’s put the pedal to the metal, and shift referrals and revenue into high gear for you, our Members.

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