Ways Businesses Can Maximize Productivity for the Hybrid Workforce

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Now more than ever, businesses around the world need to incorporate the concept of a Hybrid Workforce into their organization. The interesting times have challenged and changed how companies worked, people did their jobs and processes were executed.

The businesses that are quickly moving from speculation to testing and identifying what’s working for them are performing better and the others are struggling to make ends meet.

When the interesting times started, we at BNI launched BNI Online and BNI Connect for members to connect, conduct simple online meetings, and for cross-platform group chat. By having an eye for opportunities while surrounded with problems, we experimented and achieved amazing results.

So if you’re skeptical about implementing hybrid workforce into your business because of productivity, think again!

Because a recent global survey of 260 senior executives, C-suite executives revealed that remote workers significantly improved their productivity by working from home. And, Hybrid Workplaces are what 77% workers want. The new era of work will undoubtedly incorporate Hybrid Workforce.

So here are some ways you can maximize their productivity:

Use Technology

For a hybrid workforce to work effectively and efficiently, integration of technology is a vital aspect. From daily meetings, internal communication, assignments of projects, knowledge sharing to performance management; integrate a tool or software for every process. This will enable easy sharing of information and minimize miscommunication & confusion across your team.

Clear Communication

Communication is the foundation of both relationships and business models. But with a hybrid workforce, clear communication is the most challenging factor because communicating over emails isn’t an option, it’d have a huge turnaround time. Find a platform where people can easily communicate over tasks, check the status of ongoing tasks and get notifications.

You can also set up communication norms, like weekly virtual meetings, 1-on-1s, fun Fridays to catch up with your team, see how things are going, check-in on project statuses, extend support, and ensure connectivity.

Procedures and Policies

Curating formal written procedures and policies will help your hybrid workforce understand what the company expects from them. Include things like dedicated work hours, adjustments in those hours, responsibilities, availability, will they have to come to the office and other such expectations.

This helps to establish clarity and transparency throughout the organization. And, also ensures all employees are treated equally by following the defined policies leading to happier and more satisfied employees.

Beat Isolation

Another major challenge faced by people in hybrid environments is isolation and disconnectivity. To beat that, interact more with the employees, share updates, have more one-on-one virtual sessions, conduct exercises to build mutual trust, care, and respect, come up with ideas to motivate employees.
This will eventually help you maintain employee engagement and productivity.

Be there for your team

In these interesting times, when people are working in different spaces and modes, by being there for your team, you nurture collaboration, problem-solving, and knowledge transfer. It also enables you to extend support in critical situations. Remember, open communication promotes mental health and ensures an inclusive working environment.

In the end, remember that with thoughtful strategies, the right technology, policies, and team spirit, working remotely in a hybrid workplace can be revolutionary for companies all over the world.

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