Tips to Master Speed Business Networking

by Admin

Networking is quintessential for business growth, and the benefits are far-reaching. Statistics say almost 100% of professionals believe that in-person meetings are imperative to building relationships and 41% feel that networking should be an ongoing process. Here is where the relevance of speed networking comes in.

With a systematic one-to-one meeting, speed networking is gaining popularity among small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed professionals for building business relationships. Read on to discover a few valuable tips to master speed business networking

Prepare Well

Speed networking events are very structured. Be well prepared with your goals and objectives clearly in mind. Effective communication is the key. Be mindful of stacking up enough business cards that you don’t miss a chance to stay relevant to someone in need.

More Referral Mindset

Attend with a mindset to gain maximum referrals and not to catch the big fish. Speed networking is a fun and exciting event where you can make numerous connections in a short span to kick start your networking journey.

Be Respectful

When you focus on the time frame to complete the interaction, you may forget the courtesy part. Remember not to get caught up in the speed factor and be respectful as that gives an important first impression. Ask questions about the other person’s needs and interests, and care to note them.

Follow Up

Any networking activity without follow up would fetch no results. Following up with an honest approach to help will increase your credibility and ways to get help-Givers GainⓇ. Though speed networking begins with increasing visibility, thorough follow up can take you closer to long term profitability.

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